Philip Bartels

Regisseur, Theatermusiker, Komponist


12.08.2016 Die Schweizer Familie, Davos Festival
22.9.2016 „Ich denke oft an die Menge Rindfleisch, die notwendig wäre, um aus dem Genfersee eine Fleischbrühe zu machen“ im Architekturforum Zürich
07.03.2017 Das Zweiplatzsofa, Theater Rigiblick / Villa Sträuli
04.04.2017 Erschtklassigi Kunscht. Punkt., Theater Rigiblick / Villa Sträuli
10.05.2017 Die Kürbisse wuchsen heimlich. So kennt man die Kürbisse, Theater Rigiblick / Villa Sträuli
18.05.2017 Wolf & Wölfli, sogar theater, Zürich
01.09.2017 Lonely Hearts Radio, Casino-Saal, Zürich

23.09.2016 piano forte, Schauspielhaus Zürich
19.11.2016 FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE für Clavichord, monophonen Analogsynthesizer und Gitarreneffektpedale beim pam!-Festival
24/25.2.2017 „arracher son âme“ zum 100. Geburtstag von Edith Piaf in der Herzbaracke Zürich
30/31.5.2017 „arracher son âme“ zum 100. Geburtstag von Edith Piaf im Theater Ticino Wädenswil
29.12.2017 ein gLiederabend (weitere Vorstellungen am 30. und 31.12.2017 im Theater Ticino Wädenswil)

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Philip Bartels, born 1978 in Berlin (East) and grew up on the Polish border on the island of Usedom, has been living in Switzerland since 2002, where he graduated with Stephan Müller at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich. He also studied composition for stage and film with André Bellmont. After completing his studies, he worked as a theater and musical theater director at the Biel/Solothurn and St. Gallen city theaters, and as a freelance director had productions in Switzerland at, among others, the Zurich Theater Rigiblick, the Basel Gare du Nord, the Lokremise St Gallen and the South Pole of Lucerne. Many of his works are also shown in unusual places, such as the open-air musical "Mordnacht" in the Luzerner Stadthauspark, the musical "Things to do systematically at times" in the Architekturforum Zürich and the chamber light opera "Docteur Miracle" in the cinema Alass Zofingen.

For a number of years, he has been working together with contemporary music ensembles such as the Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich, with whom he staged the premiere of Daniel Fueter's opera "Trout Stanley" and the ensemble TaG for Neue Musik Winterthur, with whom he performed at the Theater am Gleis The experimental music theater productions "more or less normal" and "elephants in space". In addition to his work as a director, Philip Bartels composes and arranges for various formations and with a preference for extraordinary compositions and configurations - such as his composition for enhanced clavichord, monophonic synthesizers and guitar effect pedals, or his arrangement of a baroque Concerto Grosso for piccolo, tuba and strings. At the Davos Festival in 2016, his work on the Weigl opera "The Swiss Family" was premiered, during which he reinterpreted the orchestral music of the Viennese Classic for a ten piece chamber music ensemble with two drummers and prepared piano. The film "Connie" by Judith Kurmann with his film music won the Prix Action Light at the Locarno Festival in 2009 and the Federal Statistical Office awarded two compositional assignments for the setting of historical documentary films ().

In 2016 Philip Bartels, as director and arranger, realized an extensive musical "Der schönste Tag" ("The most beautiful day") with choir, soloists and actors incorporating all styles and categories in collaboration with the HORA theater utilizing people with and without cognitive impairment.

Philip Bartels also takes to the stage, most recently with the Kukuruz Quartet in a production by Ruedi Häusermann at the Schauspielhaus Zürich and, together with Simone Keller, is leading the free group "ox&öl". Music workshops for children with an migration background, such as "Piccolo Concerto Grosso", an intergenerational project that has been performed in recent years at, among others, the KKL Luzern and the Zurich Tonhalle, and a speech-musical theater for the unemployed and various composition courses for children.

Philip Bartels